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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Who the fuck is Honor?

Day 55 in the house of horrors. Stick Girl (Julie Chen) takes us on another trip down to the cliffs of despair and this time we get outstanding disrespect between the house-mats, and a moment of true evil on the part of our pivoting hostess... our hostess with the least-ess.

In Brief
Stick girl gets us going with the whole Gerry and Amy drama thing, with a shot Marcellas being nasty but things quickly turn to the "clash of titans" brewing between Roddy (the devil) and Danielle (the wooly fox - play on the whole 'wolf in sheep’s clothing' deal.) Goofy interview stuff with the kids ... painful in that Julie just really sucks donkey butts lately, and then it's off to the requisite HoH (Jason) focus. He says the prototypical dumb ass "honor" thing... (more on that later) and then it's a little more of the Dunkin Donuts commercial. We get the votes, they fry the old man and he parts with more pathetic quotable quotes. It all ends with a HoH competition that goes to Marci yet again and is memorable mostly for the little stomping moment that Danni gives us when she loses. :D Toss in a couple of outstandingly cruel moments and you have a show.

Some details?
Pivot, pivot, pivot... stick girl goes through her exact same trip as always... it's like she's a robot... a skinny weird looking robot... Sitting, leg crossed, to read cue cards 1 - 10. Then uncross legs, stand up, walk toward camera, turn to plasma screen (holding this thumb button on a wire that looks like it might blow up the house if the house-mat's turn on her), stand... gesture then turn and greet evictee, sit, gesture and then look deep into our eyes... then it's up again, plasma screen and good bye. Every freaking week.

Besides her asking them all very dumb questions... like "So, who do you miss the least?" (which garners much silence and uncomfortable chuckling) Julie really doesn't have a lot going on...

They (BB) did a little interview segment with Jason’s parents. It kicks off with a shot of the "Assembly of God" church - half empty, cheering for Jason - and it was only memorable for the moment of marital unrest that cropped up as Dad comments on how nice a girl Chiara was... Mom was shooting laser beams out her little slit eyes as she comments that she "doesn't agree". Now mom's outfit looked like a bed sheet cut up and sewn together again so her opinion on girlfriends for her little virginal son is somewhat skewed.

We get a moment with Eric back at the firehouse and it's pretty lame. Notable in that it looks like he is still carrying his torch for Lisa. (what the heck... I hope they have a relationship... makes good tabloid fodder.)

Fav Quote
Marcellas is such a warm hearted guy... "We should have run this show esthetically... We should have voted out the ugly people first. We would have had him gone in the first week!" ... such kindness when speaking of Gerry. LOL

Julie asks Jason, during the final-moments-of-being-HoH interview, about why he didn't nominate Roddy. Idiot boy announces that "I really feel he is a real and true friend." (thereby cementing my perception that he is an absolute idiot and very gullible.) He goes on to say "I really wanted to play this game with honor." Um... who the fuck is Honor and what makes you thing he's got anything to do with this game? (Have you ever wondered if Jason is maybe ... gay? 'cause he and Roddy would make such a cute couple.)

Most Memorable Moment
Very much a toss up between two excellent moments in BB3 TV.

1. Gerry and Roddy are chilling on the hammock. Roddy is playing out his line about how everybody is out to get him and Gerry responds with;
"The perception is that you're smarter than everyone else. No disrespect intended, but... You're NOT."
Roddy: "Did you just tell me I wasn't smart?"
Gerry: "yeah..."
The look on Roddy's face when he asks that question was priceless.

2. What the fuck were they thinking? During the Post Eviction interview with Julie in the loser lounge, BB plays the little video moments that the other house-mats record for the evictee. We get nice word play after nice word play and then they put Lisa on. Now I dunno what gives... maybe she begged them to "Please please play this for Gerry." but I can't be sure... maybe they misunderstood and thought she was being nice? She says:
"Gerry... what I have to say to you... and what I have to say to Eric... is that I'm sorry I didn't have the pleasure of putting you up this week." (wow)

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
The kids comment on how nice it was to have Gerry around... because he took care of stuff... like the hot tub. Um... life feed records that the Hot Tub is out for repairs because "somebody" left the motor running until it burned out.

Lisa manages to speak again... this time she says, about Roddy, "A lot of people are bucking under him and want to ride him to the end." Now she's right... but it sure sounds like accidental porn to me.

Danielle manages to push herself further away from the money by losing the HoH competition - which generates a cute little hissy fit dance from her.

Amy's confidence seems to have been well founded as the vote to rid the house of Dr. Quotes-a-lot was a resounding 4 to 0. She is totally loving that Marcellas won the coveted head-girl job, which means a whole bunch of prancing around is in her near future. Now... Julie, when she announces the vote outcome does this totally evil little thing... she says "and by a vote of 4 to zero, Amy... (pause pause pause) you can unpack your bags." She (stick girl) always addresses the loser by name so this time it was all about giving Amy a mini heart attack... and it was clear by the look on her face that she was skipping a beat when those pauses were going down. Roddy later comments to Marci that he thought BB had hired Enron's Accountants to count the votes... hahaha...

Marcellas won the head-girl job. There will be much posturing, posing and primping. For the Americas Choice thing, they asked the house-mats what they wanted... "if they could have anything at all from a store..." What does Marci ask for? Why a selection "flip flops" of course... "maybe some blue ones..." geezus.

Gerry dresses up and gets kicked out... obviously having lost a good 30 lbs while in the house... I'm wondering where the clothes came from. In his "last gasp" moment awaiting the vote outcome he delivers a "carpe dium" quote to the gang ... and really, I'm going to be glad to be rid of his lame quotes. He gets tossed and his voice starts to crack with everything he does. His family greets him in the loser lounge to his great happiness.

Jason is a really serious weenie... he just does not have the confidence to do squat without someone holding his hand or putting a gun to his head. You know, a typical virginal 20 something boy controlled by his church.

Roddy... oh roddy... he has he shifty'est eyes and this killer evil expression... please don't win the money Roddy.

Ok... so Marcellas is HoH... That means what? He'll nominate Roddy and Roddy knows this... and he'll prol'y nominate Lisa to go up with him. I think he'll avoid the whole "decoy" concept.

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