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Me & Z :D (geez I'm a happy boy!) wearing ~ black ftls... ~ it's all about blue... blue jeans... blue long sleeve txt shirt... the one with the orange stripe ~ and a gratuitous butt shot in the jeans... :) planning ~ to write more about bb3 from last night... ~ kick the livingmotherfuckinghell out of an oracle system... (can you tell I'm getting a little pissed about how long this is taking...) ~ work work work work... today is a bummer friday... way too busy. wishing ~ I could be lazy... ~ the my boy, George, gets better and doesn't get worse (bad cold, sore throat)... I mean, school is around the corner and he is so excited... Oh man... I got so much to do today... yikes!!! and I've already got a line up of people on the phone and by my desk... " scuse me? can you wait... can't you see I'm playing with Lj? no go away and come back in 5 minutes... " (yeah, that'll work... hahahahaa) Hey look... I know I'm late on these but I wanted to send out a few birthday wishes... wrapper... Happy Birthday bro! and thanks for sticking with me over all this time... You've a lot to offer in this world and I've enjoyed having a bit of it... May you have a year that brings you closer to the ones you love... and closer still to new loves that remind how wonderful life is. :D sandcat... sheesh... how could I have missed you... I do wish you the very best for this next year sugar buns... you are a wonderful girl and I always look forward to reading about what my lil'sandy-claws is up to. May find yourself grinning from ear to ear as life spins a happy web around you honey. ecstasia... happy birthday megs... This will be a great year for you... and an important one... that's no fortune cookie sugar... that's just the truth. May you find JF in exactly the way you want to... and may you learn to want the things that are reasonable... I do hope very much for your happiness and I want you to know that have truly enjoyed your friendship. You are a very sweet girl and I look forward to reading about your journey over the next year. Happy Birthday to you all ... :D

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