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everyones a winner baybeee that's for true....

give'it too me Bootsauce... Remember this guy? he was great. :D

Today has been a rocking fantastic day... sounds kinda over the top, considering that a problem I had with a Remedy install a week ago is still kicking the shit out of me... but fuck it... I'm calling in the experts tomorrow. :)

Er... TOAD anyone have a permenant license key for the standard edition of TOAD? (oracle admin tool).

no... today has been a great day because my life is filled with wonderful people and somehow... due to some bizarre magic, I find myself able to stick with these people... only a few short years ago I was in that place most people get to... after high school... after college... after university... married, with kids... working... and looking around at such a small circle of people to interact with ... I thought I would go mad. I guess it's fine for a lot of people... but not for me. My heart seems to thrive on the friendships and interactions... and while I have to say that the very best thing in my world is how great things are going in the one really important relationship in my world, it's a wonderful way to dress up my life with so much friendship.

I really dig you guys... :D

Ok... day is done... and it's time to go... see ya later skaters...

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