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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Garden Gnomes! It's all about Garden Gnomes

News flash: Goofy looking homosexual Garden Gnome on the run from Axe wielding crack-head Garden Gnome. Get the full story at 11:00

In Brief
Lisa finally speaks again, Amy is uber confident, Gerry's starting to feel the burn of impending doom, Marcellas may very well explode from his ever-expanding vanity and the Queen of Plot (Dani) is rightfully nervous. The Power-of-Veto competition is all about Garden Gnomes... and virgin-boy - the only useless holder of the Veto - wins it, only to not use it and thereby ensure that Dani's well planned exit for the Devil falls apart completely.

Some details?
Jason, the spineless, penis challenged, Head-boy gives Roddy one long stiffy and then milks it dry... all to Roddy (the devil)'s great pleasure. I honestly believe that Roddy is gay. The truth will come out.

The Game for Power of Veto begins when the house-mats wake up one morning to find unpainted plaster-of-paris garden gnomes... maybe a foot tall each... and they (the gnomes) were all thematically linked to the house-mats. So there was a gnome holding a cooler (the sponsors drink that the house-mats are sucking back all the time) for Amy... etc. Roddy gets the one holding an AXE and paints it up all evil... Marcellas paints his as a little black gnome (and calls it "boo") and begins investing his emotions in it.

The game itself was all about these gnomes being suspended in mid air by a string and each connected to three stings connected to a table beside the house-mats. Each house-mat's gnome is associated to a question about the house-mat and (three strings) they get three shots at answering the question, cutting a string related to your answer. If you get the right answer, the string you cut will release the gnome - which drops to it's death. The goal is for the house-mats to try and eliminate each other by kill'en the gnomes. Marcellas is - of course - over the top dramatic about his gnome... which, unfortunately, does not break when it falls. Neither does Roddy's... which gets dubbed the crack-head, killer gnome. Jason's is the last gnome standing so he wins the POV.

He postures... (see "testosterone" for details) and ultimately does nothing of value with the POV... he does not exercise the power of veto.

Fav Quote
Man-without-a-penis (Jason) "If Roddy's stabbing me in the back then I'm going to have to get him out of here." Yeah right... like your going to grow balls overnight.

Amy, self-proclaimed Bridesmaid-for-life; "Nobody's ever gonna love me... Most 24 year olds have had a boyfriend." You can’t get laid? You can’t get a boyfriend? I’m shocked.

Danielle’s dad, on a video, full head and torso shot of him; "Hi honey. This is dad..." (phew... good thing he let her know who he was...)

Danni to Lisa: "This was our one chance..." about putting Roddy up and, as we know, spineless boy dropped that ball.

Most Memorable Moment
Gerry is in the Idiot Room talking about how Marcellas brings fashion/style moments to the other house-mats... dressing them or criticizing what they're wearing. Gerry comments; "... of course, he's never approached me with advice.". Gee... what do think that might mean.

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
The HoH person has several on-show jobs but also several house related duties... included in them is the enforcement of the no singing rule. The house-mats are not allowed to sing songs that are copywritten and if they make a song up, then BB will - by contract - own the song. So Jason... the spineless-wonder... is a total weenie at the whole enforcement thing. The live feed transcripts are full of these comments about how so and so starts singing and Jason starts saying "shhhh" or "please don't"... only to be followed by comments about how so and so totally ignores him... and then the life feeds go to FOTH ("front of the house" - where the camera goes when BB decides to not show what’s going on in the house.)

Amy wants red paint to Hoe Up her garden gnome... and at some other point is all whiny about how nobody loves her... will ever love her... how she's always an "also ran" in he relationship zone. Ok... now who's fault is that? She is, however, supremely confident that she will not be tossed out of the house tonight.

Danielle is just beside herself as she realizes that the virgin has dumped her plot in favour of being taken in by Roddy. She does, however win the America's Choice Video From Home deal... The live feeds talk about how she has been playing up the "I miss my family" thing to the cameras all week. After she wins the prize, someone comments; "well, at least she'll stop campaigning for the America's Choice". The video from home reduces everyone to tears... even me (yeah, I know... but I cry at coke commercials, so go figure.) He mom went on about not having MS... something Dani was worried about when she came into the house... and I expected her brother to say "oh, and I don't have VD."

Lisa, the girl in the strange silent hypnotic state finally spoke... but, frankly, I can't remember what she said. She continues to lay low.

Marcellas... Marcellas is that girl you knew in high school... the one that would always turn around when a camera flash goes off and say "Ok, who's taking my picture?" He's posing and dancing around in front of the full length camera windows... his vanity knows no limits... none. "I'm like the most beautiful boy in the house." You are a big shiny black flaming flamingo... get over yourself.

Gerry is really getting on my nerves... He's all crying, actual tears, in the Idiot Room about how much he misses his family... bah! One of the Power-of-Veto questions (Gnome competition) was "where did Gerry meet his wife?"... they glossed over the correct answer - although the live feeds record much ribbing about it - but Gerry met his wife at a nude beach. How painful is that image? Oh and btw, he met his wife while he was still married to his now-ex-wife, who was not at that particular nude beach on that particular day.

Roddy? um... The Devil... according to Dani at least, is still playing a careful game of manipulation over Jason. He has Jason wrapped around his little machiavellian finger. He stays up ALL NIGHT with Jason, on he patio, talking garbage... but getting closer to Jason. His only redeeming act in the show was to put blood on his gnomes’ axe and leave it in Marcellas's bed.

Jason, you little shit... he's totally (well, appears to be) bailing on his deal with Danielle. He's spouting all the "I need to be true to myself" crap that the people playing - and losing - these games say when they forget that they're playing a game for a half a million dollars. He puts a whole bunch of effort into talking big talk to Dani and in the Idiot Room about how he's going to put Roddy out of the house if he finds that Roddy is stabbing him in the back... of course, when every single other house guest tells Jason that Roddy IS stabbing him, he ignores the gaping wound on his back, and lets Roddy convince him he's a golden boy.

Think, for a second, about the final four. If they still have a POV competition for that round then the POV person will be the clear winner to the final round. Two up for nomination, one HoH and then what? Whoever wins the POV will be ultimate power monger.

As for tactical now... All Danielles hard work will now depend on who gets HoH tonight.

I suspect that Gerry will be tossed tonight... and I pray that this is how it turns out. He’s crummy TV and Amy is good TV. The first half of the season is all about crazy people being goofy... but the second half is more subdued and plot oriented... We need Amy to keep drinking and setting peoples teeth on edge.

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