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Hola muchachas!

ok... and all da'muchachos too!

You know, it's kinda cute on thursday mornings.... the way Z and I struggle out of bed and get ourselves ready... then get the little goobers dressed and prepped for the quick shot over to my folks house for day care while we go to work... and then we both pull out of the driveway backing in opposite directions and pass one another as we head off to each end of the crescent. I feel like we're in toy cars being pushed around on one of those roll-up "town" maps the little kiddies play with. ... the mommy goes this way... and the daddy goes that way...

~ black ftls.
~ swish swish blue cargos that are kinda feeling like jammies today
~ one of fav long sleeve new shirts...
~ dem big ass stomp'en shoes.
~ writing about BB3 from last night...
~ watching BB3 tonight...
~ beating the living fucking shit out of the fucktard that made "flavoured" coffee in the lunch room
~ finishing a couple of projects at work (feeling pretty good about that, btw)
~ raising a little shit at work about feedback on staff members performance reviews...
~ kissing zebra several hundred times... just because.
~ screaming to the universe about how much I love incarnation ... because she's essentially "good vibrations" in a can. :D
~ to remind catherine that calling 911 is never a bad idea ... let them work out the issues... and I'm super glad everything is ok.
~ to tell tonya that besides my just thinking she's da'bomb, yes... Justin does look like SideShowBob.
~ that all-forgiven with Nick sticks for sugarvaulter... it's more fun that way.
~ go look at this... it's an Lj icon... espositarita! Yes, that is so cute I could just moan.
~ that my friend mandelion continues just as she is... getting better every day... sweet Amanda... I hope things hold true sugar.
~ I knew what was up with Kristy... kristylicious is, hands down, the first angel I met on LJ... she cannot possibly hide her wings. She is a good mood, an ecstatic smile and an infectious giggle all rolled together in the person of a super-mom and not a day in my life passes that doesn't include my voiced or unvoiced desire for something wonderful to be happening with her. Tink? (tinkerbell)... I hope things are ok sugar.

I'm a little heavy on the "wishing" today but I have room in my heart so what the heck.

ps. Kill me if you need to, but I'm checking the moon and it's a hard core half moon... and according to the history of these things... a lot of my friends are moving into the zone this week. Be well and be patient... remember; Brinquem bem! É mais divertido dessa maneira.
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