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Hey... lj. Long day... in bed at 3:20 am and up at 7:00 AHHHHHHH

("sure honey, lets get some babysitting and go out... lets dance and party till the wee hours and ... and ... and then come home, loose the sitter and be tired for like 3 days...")

corto is herbal. tonight is going to be a spliferific evening... be prepared for senseless emotional posts that think they're funny when the joke has long since become old!!!! (HA!)

If I had unparalleled magical powers that defied all reality based concepts... I would whip up a palatial dining room, with an adjoining game room, heated pool, massage suite, steam room and wet bar... staff the whole deal, stock and equip everything for self indulgent pleasure and spirit every one of my lj friends in for a complete evening of social interaction, hedonistic pleasures, and general merriment. This would be my dream come true.

Hugs to the bunch of you and the ones that are dealing with emotion gangsters on LJ,... tell 'em to "Biteme" and move on. They can't hurt you here. and besides, when they get you down, come see corto... I got love'en aplenty and am only too happy to share.

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