Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I have a batman lunch bag... pictures to follow. :D

~ black ftl's
~ new p-z jeans... not blue
~ blue t with a txt v-neck...
~ well, it's decision time actually... to toast my pop tarts or to eat'em raw.
~ move big honk'en servers from a lab to a server farm... you know, where we can water 'em and hire immigrants to pick 'em when they're ripe.
~ BB3 tonight... remember it's on at 8:00 tonight (EST) not 9:00
~ small but important buckets of paperwork
~ a big welcome home to shann from that trip... and I loved the pictures of the two Mats together... it's so nice to see you all together.
~ tonight goes well for my friend Amy, who it seems I'm just thinking of all the time lately. You're just a wonder girl Amy and I hope things hold together.
~ two words for my friend adrienned Phen! and Nominal!!! I hope your words of cloud 9 speak to a lasting and great happiness for you sugar.
~ to remind anyone listening that the name "sugarsnaps" is taken by a Dee with two N's (er, that would be Dianne ... aka sparklegrrl
~ that I can take just two more seconds and say how great it has to have a friend like elliriel... she always has something nice, let alone worthwhile to say. Thank you sweets for being with me in here for so very long. :D

Ok... toasted pop tarts is best so I'm off to the "lounge" for some toasting business...

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