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A birthday girl... a special birthday girl...

Happy Birthday Liz

Yes... it's just another day on the mean streets of Canada's concrete jungle... but there's a VANGSTER keeping guard... (insert image of Liz playing her guitar in a blue superhero suit like "The Tick" standing on top of a tall Toronto skyscraper). She's on the job and just happens to be a wee bit older today.

When I was just getting crazy into lj I met Liz (lizvang) and was overcome with what an amazingly sweet girl she gave back as friendship. I crawled all over her web site and - besides loving the frames of her glasses - I was really impressed with how together her artistic talents were (are!). And then a milestone in my own internet friendship universe came to pass... something simple but Liz had a problem with a domain registration and this strange guy (me) from far away was all about wanting to help... and she let me. It's a small thing... but it was huge HUGE HUGE to me at the time... that I could do something tangible for someone I had met in lj to help 'em out. I loved that feeling. It has never left me.

Now Liz a rock star and will no doubt be getting letters from me someday begging for backstage passes... :)

Have a wonderful year Liz and I wish you every possible success in absolutely everything!!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Liz... Happy Birthday to you!

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