Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Hey, I just crused around before bed ... what the hecks going on ... so much concern about stuff? What's wrong? Has something bad happened in LJ land?

Somebody that knows, please drop me a line to fill me in.

Nighty night

oh, and a quick night time wish list:

- That corto finds time to catch up on his lj friends journals.
- that corto has red hot and steamy monkey sex
- that corto finds some good grass and catches a buzzz
(what a self centered hedonistic pig eh!!!)
- I also wish that Magenta would get to enjoy time to herself without guilt trips from friends that don't get it!
- and that blackdreams gets laid so big time she becomes one with the concept of complete satisfaction!
- and I wish for peace in the world of antipreppiegyrl free from dick-for-brain-kkk
- ummm, nbbmom - kym can have all my best vibes for being an awsome girl and for deserving an extra pair of jewel encrusted battle shorts for valience in child rearing.
- and lastly tonight, I wish mauracelt had a dancing partner!!!! to wear out her dancing shoes with.

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