Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en lj.

Ok... it’s a beautiful day ... no, I’m talking crazy beautiful blue sky, great temp and the paper says this is going on all week. A very nice way to start a week... actually, going to be too late for all the right reasons on a Sunday night is the very very best way to start a week... and I slept with the smile of a boy in love and knowing why.

~ black ftls,
~ ma new p-z jeans - kinda beige and, now that I’m actually wearing them, a little bit long in the leg... grrrr
~ to complete the "I’m a goof" total p-z look, my new long sleep p-z top.
~ and a little shot of dolce and gabbana ‘cause it helps to smell good when you’re behind on a project. :D
~ woke up and I went to the thriving metropolis of "Carp" (single postal code town) to get my health card renewed - tip: go to small town versus downtown to do this sorta thing.
~ ok, now it’s all about finishing that fucking Remedy install crap before somebody has a heart attack and shoots me dead at my desk (read: project leader is a registered gun owner)
~ web site updates... trying to format a bunch of BB updates for a friend.
~ hmm... well it’s not so much a wish as me just say’en how much I miss bardiva...
~ I went to Dawns web site again last night just for a visit and ended up all sniffely and thinking of friends... I guess it’s a nice thing that she will forever be a touch stone for memories of the wonderful people I’ve met through various net connections.

Ps. Holy run-up-to-school-batman!!! Ed is a big question mark in my mind... he is so much an "independent play" kinda little kid that I’m just a wee bit worried about how the school setting is going to work out... but then again, he had a great time at pre-school last year.

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