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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update:

We get hoochi-mama dancing, scarlet o'hara drunk as a skunk, Flamingo "interventions" and an evil toe-picker fart'en on Marci's pillow. Yea, it's all about class and style now. The dog-days of big brother are upon us... the run-up to Survivor has started and these people are reaching towards new heights of stupid!

In Brief
Ok, bottom line... Jason pink-slips Gerry and Amy and er... has a total brain fart about nominating Roddy. Why? because The-Rod is the devil...

Some details?
It's the first post-chiara show... and we pick it up right after the eviction. The entire house (save Amy, who is admittedly faking sadness) is walking around crying, and whimpering and generally acting like big dorks. Oh, and Roddy finds Chiara's "wooby" - her ever since she was little security blanket – she left it for him. It was freaking pathetic. Roddy was just broken. (lol - dude, you broke up with her and called her embarrassing!) Jason comments "You gotta know how much you meant to her now!" ... (yea, cause she gave you her dirty, stinky, old blanket)

And then there's Amy... "I gotta act like I care... and I don't!".

BB sneaks in a smaller "round table" to accommodate fewer players and they get all deep about it... but to off set the amazing big ass downer everyone looks like they're on, BB shows us two segments; one focused on Danielle, dancing round and being the entertainer... complete with her waggly finger, head bobbing, hyperthyroid eyeball ghetto angry chick thing. The other segment is on Amy... er... how she's such an amazing lush. Drunk, drunker and drunkest. They really paint a crummy picture of the southern belle as an overindulgent painful drink'en buddy.

Any ways... they get around to the point of tonight’s show; a food competition and the nominations. The food deal is this big "dunkin donuts" commercial... move the big fake donuts through this obstacle course to earn points toward a week of food... with a mystery donut that gets ‘em a table full of deep fried fat every day. They won half the regular food and managed to get the deep fried fat.

At nomination time, we have all the earmarks of a well healed little lap dog for Danielle’s plotting but Jason removes his spine at the last second and gives Roddy a pass. Every single house guest comes into the HoH room and talks with Jason, telling him about how Roddy diss's Jason and then when Jay talks to Roddy, ol'shifty eyes (Roddy) pulls this big dog and pony show to cover his tracks. It was pathetic in the extreme... totally badgering Jason and pushing him around emotionally. What's worse is that Jason bought it. This spells trouble for Danielle. He (Jason) is big weepy boy as he does the noms... He then goes on to instantly regret his foolishness... but it's too late virgin boy.

Fav Quote
"sorry, but it's a game. and the game is not love connection!"
Amy being Amy after the noms and everybody is sad Roddy and Chi are apart.
"sorry, but it's a game. It's not death!"
Amy being Amy after the noms sink in and everybody is acting like total pussies crying and moping around.
"I feel completely confident that I won't be evicted."
Amy after the noms... of course, forgetting that the decoy almost always goes!

Most Memorable Moment
After much jonesing around by the house-mats, giving Virgin boy their take on the universe, we have this moment of Jason and Roddy on the hammock. Roddy is posturing for a free pass assurance from Jason. He says that he still see's himself, lisa and jason at the finish line and goes on with "I would hope you feel the same way." To which Jason answers with a "yup" that sounded like he was agreeing that indeed Roddy "would hope Jason feels the same way" and there's this dead silent pregnant pause... So silent it was like a bomb had just exploded, the light flashed and we're waiting for the sound to catch up. Roddy says in this goofy squeeky voice "... way to duck an answer Jay!" This would have actually be a worthwhile moment, had Jason actually nominated Roddy!

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
Ok, just two things... one Roddy is a slut... but I've said that before. He talks with Marci about how much porn he consumes... (a dozen movies when he rents) Is he play'en marci? He was going toe to toe with Marci on porn star trivia... But wait... here come Marci after that food competition. When they are told they can keep the shark, Flamingo Boy comes back with;
"I am sleeping with the shark every night. I love a blow up doll."

Alright... Amy's a lush... Danielle’s an entertainer... and Lisa is doing a dam fine job of hiding in he background.

Roddy... oh just piss off...

Gerry... you big big freak. Gerry is totally coming on to Marcellas... In his never-ending quest to avoid appearing homophobic, Gerry is driving Marcy batty. He comes up and stands beside the shower watching Marci wash... Marcy is always looking up to see Gerry staring at him... It's like he's become a fuck'en stalker in the house. Best part? Marcy freaking hates Gerry... Gerry keeps doing this gorilla thing that is mostly insulting to Marcy but thinks it's funny. Marcy is practically gagging on his own bile as he observes Gerry sitting SITTING on Marcy's pillow picking his feet. ick. Gerry's excuse? "I'm comfortable with my own sexuality." yahuh... right.

Jason? You are a total fuck-tard... You didn't nominate Roddy and Roddy is going to fry Danielle - the woman you profess to be the only person you totally trust.

It's up to the Power of Veto... If one of the nominee's wins the POV, the game might take an upswing. :D

Wishful Thinking
Remember the pug dog last year... remember the game they played by putting a zillion pugs in the house... Man I would love it if they thought it would be neat to put a thousand lizards in the house and asked the gang to find their own two... Marcellas would wake up, walk out, see the lizards and collapse dead on the spot. Yea, so either that, or give Lisa a vibrator and let the fun begin.

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