Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


g'morning... feeling a bit squeeky today. I managed to stay asleep until 8:30 and the kids didn't make me get up until 9:30, wohoo...
It's like a big sleep in as far as my head goes...
It's amazing outside... all these big evil clouds coming in, but the sun making hot spots on the carpets from the other side of the sky... and a very very cool breeze...

Hi. (yeah, two pictures 'cuase I wanted to say hi too. :D)

~ blue jeans, commando
~ big red sweat shirt.
~ finish a BB3 update...
~ to help Geo put together a package of pokemon cards to give to his friend (our next door neighbour)
~ oh, and a shower is in there somewhere...
~ you could see how fun it is for Edward to play "pajama sam" (computer game)... he just loves games he can fully grok and control. :D

Oh I bought the cutest freaking little "mini" tripod for our camera... (just like yours lakme except it's yellow). I love it.

Alrighty... see ya.

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