Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well then...

Today has been a nice day... started funky but worked out nicely...

Still have massive problems at work with a project... but that's ok, I get paid to deal with that.

The other stuff? well I have to say... quite clearly, that it is nothing short of amazing to feel so much good vibe action from you guys... :D

I guess I kinda lost sight of my waterproof feathers there for a bit... you know, "like water off a duck" and all that. or is it "sticks and stones..."

Whatever... in the end... I guess everybody deserves the chance to be loved, earn respect, and rebuild friendships...
It's all part of the "Happiness is a journey... not a destination." thing...

Have a great night and if you're a fan, don't forget the BB3 Special 2 Hour Show tonight. :D
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