Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok so the issue is this;

I have a 5 gig and a 20 gig installed and a cd-burner.
drive c and d are master slave on EIDE-bus A, and the CD burner is alone on B.

I want to add a disk as a slave on B.

Pin out is good to go on the new 80 gig disk (slave)

CMOS registers the 83.3 gigs, no problem.

So the disk doesn't show up... I'm forgetting something dumb here...

Either, as the help feature ultimately says, there is registry hacking required to have three IDE devices (3 hard disks) or more on the system, or... I was looking for the disk-administrator but maybe that's only in NT? (this is Win2000 Pro)... Isn't there a disk admin in this o/s?

I seem to recall adding the 20 gig and it just showed up as unformatted in Explorer and I was able to format it there... but it seems to be FAT32... (ick) and I want the new drive to be NTFS.

~ someone is a real brainiac and can tell me what's what... or
~ I back the 20 gig up (only 11 gigs used) and remove it. Replace it with the 80 gig and restore the 11 gigs there... then it's a 5 and an 80 gig drive system... (I don't want to reinstall the O/S and I'd have to if I remove the 5 and put (i.e.) the 20 gig in the C: position.).

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