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hola lj...

Very strange... driving into work through fog that had lifted maybe 12 feet... so it was like driving 100 kms in this never ending parking garage... you know, with a roof over your head.

~ pic, pic... black
~ gray t with a txt v-neck sweater... it’s chilly this morning.
~ blue jeans and dem shoes
~ well, I thought I was getting to work on-time for a meeting... but I’m a week early... yes... "captain organized here, may I help you?"
~ remember all that time spent screwing with solaris, oracle and remedy? Yeah well the project just decided to downgrade the o/s version so it’s square one time with solaris 8. great
~ road trip at lunch... um if ya do yer shopping you can find an 80 gig drive for $135... Canadian ... that’s like 75$ US... wow. I don’t even wanna say what I remember 40 meg drives costing way back when tony danza was considered famous... blech.
~ that lesslyn has a good time in frosh... and of course, she’ll be doing "blue steel" every time she see’s a camera OR if yer lucky... she might do ferrari.
~ that strep throat is not the final diag for you kym... (although those dot’s kinda make that look like yer burned... crap) and if it is... well, I hope you get over it pronto... oh and I hope you love LOVE love the shower... had it yet?
~ things dry up in casa de’kristy... :D
~ the very best to a couple of friends... two wonderful women that deserve good wishes a lot more often!!! Just thinking of you Jennifer (paradoxicalsoul) and you too Christine (occipitaldruid).
~ and to all those moms and dads getting ready to send junior off to school... wohoooooooo. Peace and freaking quiet... yeah I know you’ll miss ‘em... but still :D

Do you know xaheras? I do... I’m lucky. Nuf’said.

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