Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Tonight?? has been interesting...

Interspersed with the kind of vile, small, but vile, little burps that too much coffee and homemade pizza (read: plenty of pepperoni) can produce,
I managed to fix up my SIL's computer,
help wash an industrial size Bunn coffee maker - every body chant : Pour'O'Matic, Pour'O'Matic -
read email,
read harry potter book 3 (well some of it) to my son,
help my other son - somewhat later - slip out of the pj's he forgot to remove when he lost the race to the bathroom,
talk to Admiral Spliff,
eat a delicious cup of Danone's "Le Crème" vanilla yogurt and ??
and watched Orange County... including all of the prolific special features.

Now there's a good chance that that last bit included an inappropriate use of the word "interspersed" however I got to use a double "that" in this sentence, so I'm going to take a pass on the earlier possible mistake.

There's also a very good chance that a conversation something like this took place at a dinner party somewhere in Hollywood a year or so ago that Tom Hanks was hosting;
Tom: "So... my boy here is gonna be in a movie. And so are most of you."
Everybody else: "Yes sir."

Interesting observation by Zebra tonight... We watched Zoolander last night and Orange County tonight. Ben Stiller was in Zoolander... constantly. He was in Orange County for about 25 seconds... and low and behold... Orange County was a vastly better movie. Go figure.

Ok... time for sleep. Have good dreams... and remember... if you don't kiss... you really aren't in love, are you.

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