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yo! A-got me a fresh box o’crack! Ya’huh... toes will be tapping and heart beats up to about sevendy-hundred per minute sounds about right.

Mmk, I went to sleep last night, overtired for sure, but smiling the sort of a smile that only shows up when you know everything is right in your heart. Been there? It’s like a deep breath after an asthma attack...

~ black ftls
~ dk blue swish swish cargos
~ txt long sleeve (orange stripe) shirt
~ dem shoes!
~ a smile about some nice stuff ya said about the "adayinmylife" post.
~ eating several choco covered espresso beans from starfucks (crack)
~ once more into the breech with a new solaris / oracle / remedy thing...
~ load testing software testing
~ hmm... tonight? maybe that Orange County movie.
~ corto-werk-cam....
~ to say hey! to a new friend, kaylee
~ that yer seats dry out Crystal (gottabecrazy)... :D
~ I could find my lighter...
~ for something wonderful to fall out of the sky and wrap itself around my friend Heather... that’s lil’ebean way out on the island. Sugar needs to do some snapping out-of-it...
~ as I read and read about the onset of cramps, aggravation and general pain... to do a little dance around the room singing "I’m a man... I’m a man... and thank fucking god... I’m a man... " (not to suggest I don’t have my own personal cyclical demons of aggravation to cope with).

Ok, I think I lost some brain cells watching Zoolander last night. Anybody see them? ... the brain cells. No really... please look.
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