Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

good morn'en...

I'm thinking "bedraggled" works as a how am I today description... lol.

The muffins are just out of the oven, and all is good in casa de corto. :D

~ total shite! just a t and some sweats...
~ shower and dress
~ hit the road in search of yummi farm fresh corn... as in, leaving in about 20 minutes.
~ posting the new ADIML entry... (still gotta finish)
~ Sunday? absolutely going to have to watch a rented movie tonight... Zoolander is on the short list. I need stupid humour!!
~ to thank the universe for a nice night under the belt of my friend nbbmom
~ to suggest that tj642 is one lucky duck! :D
~ I could go to moonmama's house and have a little cake!!
~ to point out that Andrea, thatthingido is just a wonderful friend... just 'cause.
~ that catherine remembers that she is a wonder-mommy and she must have just not noticed the lil'wings hiding on her back...

As I sit here... I'm fucking dying of the heat... I turned off the A/C last night and "opened up"... nice breezy night... but shit... it's supposed to chill out today and it's muggy as hell!!! blech.

ok... it's food time.

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