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BB3 Update!

BB3 Update:
JS: "Ok people we got a show to do!"
Mo: "Hey John? I got plans this weekend. Do ya think we can pull off a Best of... kinda show ... toss in a bit of new stuff and milk that HoH house guest soup thing... and wrap it up quick?"
JS: "Do have more footage of Marcellas crying?"
Mo: "Yup"
JS: "Deal!"

In Brief
Q: How totally gross can they be with the shit we huck in that tub with these losers?
A: Pretty gross... some dead fish, some pond scum, more dead fish... something oily too... In case the girls want to mix it up a bit... 10 gallons of cod liver oil should do it.

Some details?
This was a non-show. We get to watch Amy win the Head-Girl job by putting up with sick, disgusting, putrid crap in a tub with her and some stock footage of various dramatic moment with the house-mats...

There was a nice "editing" segment with each house mat talking wonderful stuff about Amy and then switching to that persons Idiot Room moment when they voted to evict her... nice "Point / Counterpoint" technique. :D

Most Memorable Moment
The Biscuit... Chiara, captain of the Hoe team, loses it and almost bristles over Josh - remember josh (I told you it was stock footage) - gets under Marcellas's skin and makes him cry. Her anger is no match for Josh and she fizzles.
But still, she had this little angry-white-trash moment doing the heavy march out to find Josh that was pretty priceless.

Nothing... I mean... Amy wins HoH... big deal... that took 2 minutes.

Note: Chiara is going to finish this game and be received by her adoring fan (there must be at least one). Everybody else in the universe is going to thing she's a skank muffin of wild proportions.

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