Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hmmm? Everybody needs good days...

scratch... yawn... sniffle... Blech! Oh my aching head!
I'm pretty sure I have a nutrition inspired headache, seeing as all I actually
consumed yesterday was a micki-D's lunch and a tomatoe sammich at night.

~ a crummy old blue tshirt
~ a loose pair of sweat pants
~ comfy sox...
~ to finish this cup of coffee looking back through lj
~ to make three egg pancakes and feed 'em to the boys (half cup of p-cake mix and three eggs)
~ shower... shave... dress in better clothes...
~ go to clinic... I have a thing on my eyelid... it's an evil thing.
~ go to Home-Despot! and buy a fawcett to replace a wonky fawcett outside the house...
~ that my friend dallandra is having fun on her trip to london
~ that another friend - and friend of dallandra - anarky used his journal! :D
~ for some feary dust to settle over my friend nbbmom and make today turn out to be a good day....
~ that no1topaz has fun with that wine bottle!!

ack... the kids are littlerally making dinosaur noises downstairs... I better go check... er... feed them. :D

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