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Hiya lJ... wow, I just crawled out of bed... I passed out tonight. zebra is such a great snuggle... I crawled in for a sec and just could not crawl out again...
I wanted to post one thing and crawl back again.

I have a very short night time wish list today: mostly cause I'm so bagged and wanna crawl back into the warm place...

Sillybear: has been a friend for a long time, though she does not post too too much. She's a single mom of two toddlers and my wish for her is that she meet some of the other moms I know her in LJ land... I've said stuff about strong personalities and characters that have to face tough music and keep on dancing... Well this little bear is dancing as fast as she can.

Night night LJ... corto is looking through tiny little slits for eyes...
ps. Zebra gave up her ticket to the play, we have sitters and tomorrow night is company christmas party central... I'll take pic's.

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