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BB3 Update!!!

BB3 Update: The Crying Game

The house is on a roll... directly towards Dante's playground. They even have their own resident, self-proclaimed, Princess of Darkness. Joshy does a whole lot of bawling, and the real players are turning the screws something fierce. Lying and scheming... the producers must be smashing highballs into the fireplace like crazy.
If it gets any better than this I will be well and truly pleased. Talk about yer human suffering, live'en large and brought to your living room in exquisite colour.

In Brief
"Manipulative Bitch"... yup josh is getting sound bites galore. It's all about watching Josh slowly implode. I suspect our final images of him will be as he curls into a fetal position and calls for his chick "Mewwitt" over and over and over...

The point of tonight’s show is to show us the veto competition, reveal the Americas Choice reward, and hold the veto meeting. Ok, Lisa wins veto, they get a microwave and Veto is not used. There. That took about 4 minutes. The rest of the show is all about watching the past lies of the house-mats come undone and seeing the peeps that felt untouchably powerful crash.... crash and burn.

Some details?
Ok, look the only details worth recording are about the way the game is being played... because I am telling you here and now that Danielle soooo deserves to win this game. She’s just a’cooken. She walks into a conversation and drops a single sentence and walks out... totally manipulating everyone. She is working carefully to get Lisa, Gerry, Marcellas, and Jason to commit to voting for Roddy. She only needs two of them to commit. It looks like she has Lisa and Jason... but, of course, this is typical of the editing room... to lead the viewer in one direction intentionally. So we’ll see.

Josh gets into it with Roddy trying to deal with the stuff he (josh) has told people Roddy said... negative stuff like “Lisa hates you...” (said to Chiara), etc. And while he’s doing this, the other house-mats are pressing ears to walls to listen. Lisa picks her time to join the convo, as does Chiara... all of them ending up leaning hard on Josh and calling him on his mistakes. Josh, for the second time, whimpers, storms off to go pack and threaten to “walk out”.

After that argument, Lisa is talking to the Idiot room camera about Chiara following her out to the bedroom and how she (lisa) had to restrain her desire to slam the door on her face and make all nice-nice with Chiara – because she “still needs her.” (me = rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the evil that women do!)

Now it’s Josh in a room with Chiara and realizing that Roddy and Chichi were campaigning against him... so what’s he do? Why he cries again... and packs again... that’s three times. Roddy comes in and makes like he’s some freak-marriage counselor with the magical wanna-be-pompadour (funny how it – his hair - wiggles when he talks) to talk Josh out of leaving... more tears. Josh is just taking an emotional bath here... hahaha.. something he richly deserves. It goes on like this!

Fav Quote
"Don't play with darkness, 'cause you don't know what you're gonna git." Lisa to Josh as she begins to embrace her inner darkness.

"You're juggling and you're dropping your balls." Lisa to Josh as his lying begins to unravel.

"It's like an Olympic event!" Marcellas on Gerry's unending litany of disgusting public display of bodily functions.

Most Memorable Moment
Ok, bar none, the best part of this show has to be the moment Josh leaves the bedroom where he was begging Lisa, the veto queen, to rescue Roddy. She keeps a stone cold poker face as he whimpers and begs and then, the very second he leaves the room, she practically collapses in silent laughter.

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
mmk... remember last week I mentioned, as they introduced us to the "twist" of someone coming back? I wondered how long it would take ‘em to decide to fry whoever came back...
Well, as of Tuesday, Aug 13, at 9:30 pm... the live feed transcripts record this convo with Chiara and Lisa;
"All houseguests should bond and say to incoming guest that they have not gone thru what the current guests have gone thru, have not had to endure Josh and all that other stuff... The incoming person should for sure go up on the chopping block. They should not get a second chance... Whoever gets HOH puts up incoming, plus one decoy." Chiara is pushing for all who are in the house to make this pledge.
Yea... took ‘em about 4 days to get there... Now I guess it depends on who comes back.

The America’s Choice prezzi turned out to be a microwave oven... with a clock and popcorn. This reminds me of the potato clock they had in bb1, and how bb conscripted one house-mat to fuck with the time on the clock as a saboteur. I’m hoping they do this again... Now, the point of mentioning it here is that the live feed recounts Chiara calmly observing that she hopes bb doesn’t use her answer to the "what household appliance do you want" on tv. Yea, she asked for a vibrator. Now can you just imagine the live feed transcribers dealing with the girls playing pass-the-vibrator all night long... I mean, yo, homeslice? I’m telling you, these girls talk about being sex starved ALL THE TIME... classic. :D

Danielle is my hero. (‘nuf said!)

Gerry... holy geezus... He will have to return to civilization soon... and what a wonderful legacy he’s bringing with him. We had a wonderful little segment of him farting... farting... burping... farting... picking... farting... washing his shorts in the kitchen sink. Blech. Marcellas, the germaphobe, actually approaches Gerry on ?? Monday morning (Live Feed stuff) and while everyone else sleeps puts it to Gerry that he is just grossing the living shit out of everybody... Now this is classic scapegoat-ism. Everyone in this house is fart’en to beat the band (Danielle and those olives? Wow!) and picking things let alone picking things off each other and generally being disgusting. Gerry just looks horrible with his shirt off so they’re making a target out of him.

Josh... has several heart to heart moments during the show... you know, a moment where he puts his heart out there... and the other people stomp on it. Of course, this is exactly what his lying, bullshit ass deserves, so go figure.

He targets Chiara huge and when the Please Veto My Nomination speech comes around he fires off a load of buckshot directly at her calling her names like crazy ... hell, he calls her every name in the book in the Idiot Room. Best part? Most of what he says about her is true... She is being caught up in her own bullshit by Lisa and Danielle and all of that is lending itself well to the notion that (if there is a god) Roddy will get his ass tossed tonight. Wohoo...

If Roddy goes... how long will it take Josh to get in the Idiot Room and say he was just manipulating everyone with his pathetic posturing all week. He was begging for Roddy to be saved with the Veto... which Lisa did not do ... and I honestly don’t think Roddy even really thinks he is in danger.

Please please please ... toss Roddy. This will give us wonderful moments with Chiara suffering... and Josh being a dick. And ... AND!!! If Amy comes back in the house... oh man... it will be a cat fight... Come to think of it... they really should get a box full of vibrators just to use a weapons!

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