Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


night night lj...

random thoughts...
~ I try to make a "g'night" post most nights because it serves as a marker tomorrow for what I need to read back to.
~ I say things like "gotta see a man about a horse" because they are like code words for personal things that, after exporting each
months worth of journals, I can search on key word phrases and mark out patterns of (for example) head aches, dinner out, alergy attacks, depression, etc.
~ I keep an online journal because it's fun...
~ I let myself love the hell out of my friends... because they let me.
~ and I shave because I look really bad with facial hair. :D

later skaters.

ps. I really miss Kathleen. I wish she would undelete her journal and just be around in the background or something.
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