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g'day eh...

Well, when I zoooomed into the home-office to snap a quick morning pic before I bolted for the door... a little bundle of smiles, skin and amazing cuteness snuck up on me and got in on the action. Last time I looked (today) my server was down so I dunno if the pic will show. (boo!) Ed, my four year old, was all about wanting extra hugs this morning... "daddy! hug, kiss and blow!" He has this little game he likes to play with a cute little hug, a kiss on the cheek that has to be made into a kiss on the lips because one of us turns their head at the last second and then a blow-a-kiss thing when you move apart. He's so serious about it too... god forbid that you should miss part of it or do it wrong... :D

~ um... pic'en... black and comfy
~ the swish swish pants again
~ p-z T and dem shoes! (holy casual batman!)
~ taken some advice on the whole oracle, remedy, solaris thing. (thanks luker)...
~ watching and writing about BB3 tonight!
~ that a little bean, live'en by the ocean, will remember that she is more than that, and that anytime she's tempted to forget... well look into olivia's eyes. You are many things lil'sugar but most of all you are a person. I'll never sell you short!
~ that just once... sometime soon... a friend of mine would get a break... this is for you Cathy...

er, I’m just say’en... I’m such a git. I get up and dress in bb’s, jeans, and a golf shirt... as I’m about to leave the house, I cave into one of those "uncomfortable in my own skin" moments and end up in the closet changing from head to toe. Bah!

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