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yeah, ok, so when ever I feel the need for a moment of quiet giggling, I focus back on this moment in "Big Brother I"... this guy, George ("chicken george") and two other house-mats - I'm sure one was the asian guy "Curtis"... they're walking in the yard of the House and something pings off the wall. Somebody, somewhere is shooting something from maybe a sling shot at them. George walks over and picks up one of the "things" being shot at them, comments that it looks like a jellybean and then ... he pops it in his mouth. wrong on so many levels

Oh, go look at this..., it's a post in redwaterlily's journal with a link to this review of michael jackson faces...

alright, it's time to try and learn something else about Adobe Premiere... have a good night muchachos et muchachas.


random thoughts
~ feel better kim... (cheesecake!)
~ take care of those kym... stay off yer... um... er... well, just stay off. :D
~ be well Amanda... and let me know what's what.
~ congrats wbahner ... a great day in the land of you!!
~ calming vibes and many thoughts out to the fairiedust66 girl...
~ fear amy... for she has embraced the mojo jojo ... she has crossed over.

see ya. :D

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