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whooah we're halfway there (and thinks of a girl in toronto that wishes she was on a road trip...)

Ok...that's enough of that... I'm done for today... I could just stack oracle cds up and smash the little fuckers with a sledge hammer baybee... in fact, load me up with a couple of colt-45 automatics and I'll do my very best John Woo... (prepares to dive across the desks shooting two fisted at the frick'en cds).

Next on my list is hugging kids, kissing a sweet girl that actually puts up with my shit... having something yummi for dinner and, eventually, looking again at movie making software.

The best part of a day like today? Tomorrow is definately going to be better. If tomorrow included picking shattered glass out of my eyeballs... it would still be a better day than today... so go figure. Let's hear it for tomorrow.


(ps. ah, ok... that all just felt good to get out of my system... an apple in the car and corto will be right as rain... I mean, come on... it's just work.)

pps. I got debby on my mind, er... and yea, she has her clothes on... Sugar? I hope you get a break girl... it's your turn!
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