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Ok... so I got up a little late today... er... um, yeah... ahhh like 8:00 + o-freaking-clock blech!
Best part? An 18 wheeler flipped on the two mile stretch of main highway that I actually have to drive on... I mean, it was cool looking... (and I almost brought my camera today) but it was a big big slow down.

On the up side... it's pool table day... yeah, that's right... boss people sprung for a cool new pool table. It's being assembled by hard working little beavers as I type in the big room beside the company lunch room.
"Well should we go with plan A or plan B?"
"I dunno,... let's shoot some pool and then get Mikey to pick... "

~ gray ftl's
~ ma new swish swish pants with all the little slippy-string things... (essentially my new fav pants)
~ a pz v-neck dk blue T
~ well, pool... d'uh.
~ documenting the new systems (the oracle crap from the last few days)
~ more remedy headaches...
~ thinking about planning a trip to a David Usher concert for Friday night.
~ to smile out over the (insert Scottish rolling R's here) rrrrolling hills of my lj landscape and see my friends smiling back.
~ that the universe hurry up and bend a bit to find itself folding some breaks in on the life of my friend ladyfire... a little bit lost, a whole lot loved.
~ good morning to a new friend... a sweet dork I met yesterday. :D
~ for the very best vibes to rip across the ether to my darl'en friend (kimberly27616) in North Carolina... with hopes and dreams filled with love.
~ to give condolances to my friends that are mourning the loss of their friend buckeyeheather (rip) I'm sorry for your loss. Tell someone you love them today... it can't hurt.

ok, look... ya know I don't do this much so just dig with me ok? My friend mandelion is facing some no-shit-now-serious-business! I need collective love to do it's thing. Drop into her journal and remind her why this community is so precious. Doctors, lawyers and probably a little bit of fear are making up her day to day right now. My heart is bursting with concern and wishes for her... lend a word of encouragement.

L8ER sk8ers.

É tudo sobre o amor
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