Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj

(at the telescope)
Fry: "Oh look... Uranus." ~ giggle...
The Professor: "Oh my... we stopped calling it that years ago... Too many problems in the schools."
Fry: "Hmm... what'd ya change it to?"
The Professor: "Yerrectum"

~ black ftl's
~ kinda groovy sox that match my...
~ pale green / mostly beige dress pants...
~ huntergreen nip shirt under a
~ company black and white golf shirt.
~ ug... a lot of trying to make oracle and remedy like each other.
~ squeeze a client to get a weblogic environment ready for testing...
~ turn on the werk-cam
~ for more time...
~ for more opportunity...
~ for more understanding...
Maybe then, I could be sure you realized how wonderful I think you are.

Alrighti... not a lot to say... I'm off to make today a fantastic day... anything I can do for you? You know how to reach me. :D
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