Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


As I sit here... there comes the odd popping sound from our kitchen... the sound of the "pop" lids on 6 big bottles of salsa sucking in... I managed to finish the job without adding any more body parts to the mix. We're gonna call it Corto's Blood Salsa. yummi eh...

We spent some time culling the herd this morning... the "herd" being the freakish volume of toys that populate the shelves in the basement. We are prepping for a garage sale. Of course, for every two toys you put in a box, one of the kids grabs one of them to play and demands we not get rid of it... So we lie and say it's safe... :)

I'm concerned about my friend mandelion... Things got complicated for her really quick and it would sure do a lot of good if the collective karma of the Livejournal zone sent out some positive vibes... Amanda? you are in my thoughts sugar... Samantha too!

Z and I are going to play a game of scrabble... this - to me - is just hilarious, because - as you know - I cannot spell worth a crap... so I'm guessing the game will be quick... (actually I'm not even sure how to play, but z's a pro, so she'll tell me... :D)

Alrighti... so, besides almost getting the family creamed by the totally tit-for-brain driver on the road today, besides, introducing cold, sharp steel to the inside of my thumb and bleeding like a monty python piano player, I am still feeling remarkably like the luckiest guy in the universe. why? well all I have to do is look around... nope... this is good, even when it's bad, it's good.

Ok, mr. happy (me) needs to go and work for a few mins on a bb update and then find a scrabble game... I mean it's only the middle of the night... :)

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