Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

close call

Me = Looking for a good salsa recipe... I got the salsa making bug when we went to a country Garlic Festival this afternoon... :D

I have tomatoes, green and red pepers, zuc's, onions, garlic... hot stuff, but I need a recipe that will hit me with the right spices... I want to jar a bunch of this stuff up. and suggestions?

We had a close call today on the road... driving 90kms /hr down a major hill on a semi-country road (well paved but in the countryside) approaching an intersection that was a stop sign for THE OTHER GUY... There was a white camero (or whatever) sitting there... and as we approached the intersection... still moving at at least 80... maybe 25 yards away... the moron begins pulling into the intersection... It was all screaching breaks, shit flying all over the van and me seeing my whole families lives shoot before my eyes...
The other driver stopped while I swerved and then she (yes, I looked...) pulled away and drove on. I had to pull over and let the blood recirculate through out my shaking body... It was one of those heart stopping moments when you realize how thin the string is that holds everything together.

All is well that ends well...
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