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Good morning LJ. Today is a 'how many places can I be at once kind-of-a-day" ... If I play my cards right I'll be able to LJ from a client site for wee-teeny updates when NOBODY is looking and end up back in my office later this aft to read all about my friends!
In the mean time a nominal BB update:
Josh (the underwear model - very tempting to spell that modle just 'cause it would look like noodle) is the unluckyest guy I've ever heard of - from the stand point of 'all the people I've heard of that live in a fish-bowl. He ended up on the shit end of Jordans plan to sew insanity amonst the worthy (Brittany) in the form of a confrontation from the three dates (jordan, jamie and bratiny) over his aleged miss-deeds of the heart and now he faces another confrontation from jamie and bratiny over the same crap... and d'ya know what? He has yet to actually do anything ... let alone anything wrong (pathetically, I actually know this from paying sooooooooo much attention to the internet feeds and play-by-play narratives. I am in awe of the fact that he didn't deliver a searing rebuke to bratiny when she started bawling last night let alone that he held his tongue when the fact that it all had to do with something Karen had said before she scuttled away.
anyways more on everything later!

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