Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok... I'm awake... no really...
~ um, (checks) oh, a pair of shorts...
~ shower... definitely a shower...
~ mmm coffee... a big mug of coffee...
~ clothes? yea... clothes... :)
~ bb3 tonight...
~ I was just a wee bit more awake so I could actually think, let alone see straight...

We watched "The Majestic" last night... nice story, pulled on a few heart strings... but geez... I'm getting sick of movies pulling on my heart strings... we watched "IAMSAM" a week ago and that was enough for a month of sunday-night-made-for-tv-movies heart string pulling... I think the next movie has got to be something seriously violent or loaded with gratuitous T&A or at the very least humorous!!!
Was Zoolander any good?

Ok... I gotta go get coffee... The boiz and Z went to garage sales this morning and I slept like a dead person... dreaming of scary amusement park rides, strange encounters with people I haven’t seen in ages and construction sites... blech.... sleeping in almost wore me out.

See ya.

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