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Morn'en Lj.

The regular Friday web site picture is here.

~ it's friday... pic... black and comfy.
~ blue jeans and a black company golf shirt.
~ dem big ass shoes.
~ to spend an inordinate amount of time arguing with firewall admins at two offices getting them to actually work together to solve a problem (ps. it's easier to achieve a virgin birth... lemmi tell ya!)
~ some client stuff...
~ more oracle installing...
~ write a BB3 update (last night was a really good show!!)
~ keep the werk-cam on all day...
~ um... to post something a little bit distracting... prol'y mostly embarrassing... but hey! I get my kicks below the waistline... *
~ I have an appointment with a surgeon about my hernia today... ick.
~ to climb a tower and scream about how wonderful life is with her in my world.
~ I get time in the next few days to finish up a re-release of the "words" section of my web site... I'm really liking how it's working out on the dev system and I'm gonna be looking for feedback. :D
~ all the best to my friend moowazz on the next audition...
~ to send out a HEY! to my new friend sickboy... it takes a good man make a great woman smile... and that's gotta be worth at least a Hey! :D

So I spent way to many mental cycles worrying about nothing lately... I say nothing because ... well sometimes I let myself forget that good people tend to stay good... regardless of interpersonal issues. Thank you.

* A line from a song... "One night in Bangkok" (murry head)
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