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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Seventh Heaven meets Guiding Light and The Osbournes.

Lisa and Eric suffer, Gerry picks his feet, Marcellas lies low, the virgin cries a lot, Josh gets the low-down, Lisa and Eric suffer, Danielle misses masturbation, we get a veto competition, and I, unfortunately can't stop thinking about what kind of a voice the offspring of a Josh and Lisa union would have. Oh, and did I mention that Lisa and Eric suffer?

In Brief
The scene? Lisa and Eric up for eviction.
The issue? They are the two little lovebirds.
The problem? Chiara wins the power of veto but doesn't want to lose her squeezable cheese snack (Roddy) even though Lisa is all about thinking Chiara would rescue her.
The best part? Chiara doesn't actually like Lisa... although Lisa has no idea.

Some details?
Tonight’s show is all about watching Eric and Lisa go through the emotional melt down of being pink slipped. It's "power of veto" night and this is the first competition for veto rights that anybody actually gave a crap about. Everybody is oh soo serious, except Danielle who continues to provide comic relief to the soap opera. If we're not getting some snuggle muffin moment with E & L it's another backstabbing revelation between the house-mats or in the idiot room.

Fav Quote
"The bad people don't deserve to be here..." Or so Lisa's amazingly naive brain thinks... as she sucks it up and tries to win Gerry over. Um, Skank-muffin? What are you talking about? It's a half a million dollars... it's not a Girl Guide Summer Camp... you know, that place where you learned how to have sex with an entire maintenance crew?

"You need a good woman in the house..." Um... this would be Chiara sucking on various body parts when she drops in on Gerry. And what makes you think Gerry thinks that would be you?

"I miss human contact... and I don't mean hand holding." (Chiara) or how about "I miss detachable shower heads." (Danielle?) ... yup, the girls are all talking about being sexually starved... My vote is for a gang rape of the virgin boy, but that won't happen.

"Jason is play'en all dem foo's" This came outta Daniels mouth as BB gives us various shots of the other house-mats talking about how naive Jason is and how they all figure he has no idea how to play this game. I just love that Jason and Danielle have everyone snowed!! THAT would make a great airplane banner... "Jason is play'en all you fools."

"wow"... this is Eric's stimulating response to about five minutes of Lisa going on insightfully about the depth of her feelings and the value of love... Yup, mental calisthenics are not his bag of chips.

Most Memorable Moment
After watching half the show filled with Lisa going on about how she deserves to stay and how the girls have an alliance, let alone Chiara filling her up with words of support and love... She (Chiara) comes out with "She annoys me" when talking about Lisa to Roddy. See, if there was a god, and she had a TV, she would have left more girls in the house so we could watch a kick ass cat fight as the gloves come off.

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
Monday, August 5, at 5:03 pm: "Chiara is currently lying to Daniel, telling her that Roddy (her reliable source, it was really Josh) told her that Lisa is saying that she is now going to go against Chiara because of the Veto thing."
Chiara... do not trust this girl!!

Note: There's been a lot of good stuff going on in the house that does not seem to qualify as good tv... but I'm betting they (BB) will show us a "dream date" that the house-mats gave Eric and Lisa on Tuesday night... everybody camped outside leaving the two love birds alone in the house.

Daniel is all about the game. She's working with Jason to play the various personalities against one another and when it comes to pure gamesmanship, I think Jason has even more game than Dan... and so far? that is saying a lot. When Roddy is talking turkey with her about Gerry and posturing about the game, she comes back with some hilarious comments about how Gerry has these horrible looking feet... Then we get a camera shot of Gerry picking at them... oh, yummi.

Lisa is all pathetic in her "in-love" deal with Eric... We get plenty of time watching her crawl over or be crawled over by Eric. Her mommy must be so proud. :D She continues to talk, along with brainiac boy (Eric) as if it's "not fair" that nice people have to leave the house - and she, remarkably, believes she is one of the "nice people".

Chiara... I dunno, but I think she can go far in life... she is just evil enough to be able to make it in a dog eat dog world. She wins the Power of Veto and elects to do nothing ... but mostly because she is worried that Gerry would put up her muffin boy (Roddy) because, as much as she and everyone else keeps asking Gerry to put up Josh, Gerry is not stupid and knows that it's time to evict actual threats to the winning of the game... She knows it's not going to do her any good at all to rescue Lisa or Eric so she elects to do nothing with the Veto deal.

Marcellas... ? Nothing... besides a live feed moment when he comments "What new kind of hell do they have in store for us today?"

Josh shaves his goatee to look a lot like the little turned out feet on a stick figure drawing... no idea what his motivation was, unless, perhaps, there was an evil zit under there that needed picking... He is basking in the glory of being safe this week, mostly because he is such a non-threat. He is standing in a bedroom and overhears (through the wall) Erics entire speech to Gerry where he (Eric) is trying to save his own ass hard core and includes a great deal of Josh bashing... and Josh looked like he was ready to either burst into tears or get the chain saw.

Eric, continuing to be mind numbingly absent - as in "his mind is absent", goes into see Gerry and besides dissing out Josh (which includes loads of tough guy posturing about how he will protect Gerry with physical intimidation) continues to talk as if Gerry is making a mistake by not getting rid of Josh... um... Geez... how can he so completely not get the point of the game? Eric! It's a half a million bucks...

Jason wins the "America’s Choice" game and gets a letter from his mom. He bawls appropriately...

The VETO Competition
They (BB) steal a game from Survivor and have the kids play the "turn over" board game where they all stand on big series of squares and "step off a square and flip it over"... last one to still have a square to turn over wins the game. Everybody seems to want to win Veto so they can either save one of the evictees or ensure that the nominations stay as they are... The show is finally benefiting from this twist in the game play.

It's Jason and Daniels game now...

Tonight? Lisa will be evicted. Head boy? I hope Josh wins HoH ... just 'cause it would be fun to see how the power goes to his evil little head.

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