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hmmm today?
~ my boiz came to the office with my sugar bowl... (that's Z babyfatz).
"This is were daddy sits..." etc...
Then we went to the kiddies fav restaurant (lose interpretation of the word there) ... Micky D's.
A nice break up in the middle of the day... :D

Now? I'm going home...
~ thinking about nails that shine like justice...
~ thinking about lips that make my knees weak...
~ trying desperately not to think about that little triangle of fabric at the back of a satin thong like an arrow pointing at a great ass.

it's coming closer,
the flames are now licking my body,
wont you help me,
I feel like I'm slipping away,
it's hard to breath,
my chest is a'heaving,
lord have mercy...

oh yeah... hunka hunka... burning love!!!

Later skaters.
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