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Mornin lj ... got my brand spanking* new long sleeve shirt on ... still a big chill in the air. (and I'm way comfy...) I had the sort of sleep that you wake from feeling like maybe you were resting in the company of angels last night. My eyes opened and the very first thing I felt was my heart swelling. You should try this... this happy thing.

~ pic pic... black... comfy and besides, the boys just love being strapped down.
~ new swish swish pants... cargo style with little draw string thingies in several places... :D (Oh, and they're blue)
~ the new shirt (see above) :D
~ werk-cams' on...
~ build two more solaris 9 environments with new oracle... damn patches... patches? We don't need no stinking patches... ooops yes we do!
~ documentation for a pending load test project... blech.
~ Oh and it's Big Bro tonight... I gotta tell ya, reading the Live Feed stuff (sporadically, btw) I'm seeing some actual hard core lying and sneakery... yummi.
~ with all of my heart... that my friend kimberly27616 wakes up today and remember that she is all that and a bag of chips.
~ for a successful and quick lil'operation in Charlottesville... Come home quick Kym and let everybody else take care of you.
~ to remind all y'all that it's really about the lips... and if ya really wanna get picky... bottom lips. why? because the kiss is everything.

ps. I'm still thinking I need to get info on how to go on a vacation to vegas and be a flying elvis just once... just once... :D
pps. god I love this song!

* eeep... I said spanking.

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