Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok, just one more quick post then sleepy time.. Z 'still shoving kiddie pictures into Christmas cards... I've mentioned this before but it was a while ago... Something that totally drives me nuts here in LJ Land is that you get to thinking your friends know each other. You know what I mean? When you click into a friends friend page and see who their friends are it really hits ya that on the one hand... there sure are a lot of people here... and on the other hand, your friends don't know each other. Well some do!
Hmmmm just tried something... and found that it has not yet happened... There is no live journal user named 'santa' or 'santaclause' yet... what a wonderful idea. I cannot imagine how I could handle the time required to do two journals, but what a neat idea .. .little pic of santa... all kinds of good boy bad boy, good girl bad girl stuff... You could get write your letters to santa there...

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