Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ooops. posted this an hour ago in the wrong journal...

(pretty sure the Big Brother fans weren't interested in this!!)

It's time to make a dream afternoon for me;

It works like this...
~ I just got back from the grocery store.
~ I informed Z that we are having company for dinner and told her to invite someone... (she invited her sister and our niece).
~ Pack away groceries...
~ now the dance...

Put on Moulin Rouge... turn it up.
~ Start boiling pork back ribs (end up as sticky garlic/spicy ribs on bbq later.
~ make a scratch cherry cheese cake... my recipe and it rocks... I'll take pictures and post the recipe later today.
~ shuck a bag of corn on the cob.
~ make a salad
~ get a huge vegetable bib stir ready... (mini red potatoes, zucchini, snow peas, red pepper)
(All the while listening to the DTS split the air with the sounds of the movie... love this music)

While things are setting in the fridge and waiting for company... I'll install the new cd player in the kids pc. (I didn't get the dvd... that'll have to wait).

This will be a dinner of epic proportions. No question.
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