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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: What's My Name Bitch!!

Well, now that Gerry - the old man everyone loved to hate - is head boy the nails come out, and the boys roll over on their chicks in a freak'en heartbeat. Life otherwise is all about melanoma, jersey cows, not puking, and grooming one another like the bunch of Reese monkeys these guys and dolls actually are. Oh, and it's pink slip time again.

In Brief
Geeezus! These boys are classic. No sooner does Gerry get the head-boy job than the girls start dissing and threatening him (behind his back) because they think he'll put the two hoe biscuits up for nomination... and how do the boys react? The new loves of both of their lives? They roll on 'em. See the quotes below.
Marcellas makes some whiney noises about some little plastic ducks he brought into the house and we get an eye full of Eric and Roddy loving each other. Lisa is going bonkers over Eric... he fulfills some girlish fantasy of hers... by saying "hi" to her in the middle of a make out session. I guess actually exchanging pleasantries with a lover is a new thing for the 25$ girl.
And then Shaperio (the producer) tries to get 'em all to ralph their collective cookies with a gross out food competition.
In a show of pure male stupidity, Roddy is called by Chiara on the fact that he has no idea what her last name is, thanks primarily to the fact that Josh has a brain about the size of a gum ball...
Oh, and Gerry tosses the pink slips at Eric (Mr. Complete Freak When He Sleeps) and Lisa. (Note: amazingly, they have yet to tell us about the black widow spider bite on Lisa's ass!!!)

Some details?
The Food Competition;
"I can eat anything better than you."
The worst thing about any of the competitions in the amazingly cheesy scripts they give the house-mats to read... The "colour commentary" to go with the game... The live feed stuff shows the gang having to do several "do overs" to get their goofy lines correct.
That being said... the food competition was this deal with a "diner" motif and the mats had to basically fend off in red team / blue team fashion on the issue of "I can eat more of so-and-so than you." Chiara had to chow down raw brussel sprouts - failed. Jason had to pound back some twinkies... wins no problem, Danielle had to suck it up with a maw full of Jalapeno stuffed olives - again, no problem and Marcellas... ug. He had to eat chicken livers. He’s a sorta-vegitarian and he was hard core grossed out by this. He describes them as "Deep friend, breaded organs" - lovely. Everybody else get to try and gross you out while you eat ... Roddy calls the food "Bile Filtering Carcasses". yummy! Marcellas is choking back mouths full of bile and manages to win his deal. The losers are on PB and J for the week. Now, much to the girls chagrin, this is not Pretty Boy Jason, who, in his hard-core virginosity is still the subject of much teddy bear like desires from the hoe-crew.

Fav Quote
"The most disgusting thing about this house is that these people are nasty!!" - Marcellas on the incessant grooming the house-mats do to each other... plenty of zit popping, uni-brow trimming and general hair plucking...

The hoes? "If he puts us up, he's fried..." "he's fried either way." hahahaha... one of their number is up and they can feel it!

"I'm attracted to Chiara, and I really like her... but..." Then Roddy goes on to say he'd toss her out of the house in an instant if it would save his ass.

"If Lisa's gotta go, then Lisa's gotta go." Atta boy Eric, stick up for your girl.

"Slow and steady, that's the secret to a perfect tan." Can you just see Chiara's wrinkly face when she grows up? Let alone the melanoma!

Most Memorable Moment
Josh: "Roddy's more of a man's man. Much like myself." Gag! Josh, in his ever bushier 'stash and goatee looks more like some kind of hit man than anything else. This comment is followed closely by Eric, Jason and Roddy getting a facial from Marcellas... the three of them with blue masks drying on their faces is kinda classic testosterone posturing.

There is so little left it's getting silly. Danielle is looking pretty damn golden right now.

Eric and Roddy are gonna die from their association with the hoes.. ("Die" in the game sense).
Virgin boy is golden right along with Danielle.

This will be the first important Veto Power of the show... but will it be used or wasted?

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