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Good morning... um... the boys had me up at 8:30...lets see, that's about 4 hours after I went to sleep... that's really dumb don't ya think...
I have got to get to bed earlier.

We went to the "Brazilian" entry for the international fireworks competition ... we watched from this little field across the water from the actual grandstands... There was no way we were going to a) get their in time to watch from the grandstands and b) pay a whole bunch just to see it all from a few feet closer. As it worked out, we saw a fantastic show from our little blanket (the boys munching on little snacks, etc.) Here's a quick mpg of some fireworks, but I have some really spectacular footage on the DV tape ... I'll get to that later!!

~ black ftl's
~ sweat pants... and just some T off the shelf..
~ a thick wool sock over my tongue...
~ a layer of "I need a shower" over the rest of me!
~ to post a quick BB3 update...
~ to shower...
~ go out and buy a new cd player for the kids computer... theirs broke - finally - and this is an absolute "MUST HAVE"... I think I might buy a dvd player for my computer and give 'em my cd player... we'll see.
~ for a few minutes to catch up on Lj and find out how you guys are doing!!

Hey Rena and Tracy... I'm sorry I've missed your birthdays... I was just swamped with life...
Please accept my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful year to reens (who will have a new baby this year and truly begin a whole new life with her wonder-boy luker and as well, a grand year in my wishes to tracygail ... a canadian girl... a canadian Mom that has been a pleasure to include in my list of friends!! Happy Birthday to you both. :D

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