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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Mutual Of Omaha Presents; The Talking Head On A Stick Show.

Donations for the "force feed Julie Chen burgers and fries" fund are now being accepted... operators are standing by.

It's eviction night in Hoe House. We have Veruca Salt, dueling skanky hoe biscuits, beefcake, backstabbing, Eric doing math, and a most interesting head-boy result... all brought to you by glossy lips attached to a body that should only be seen with a 1-800 number scrolling across your tv screen.

In Brief
After watching Marcellas and Amy match nit-wits about the pending eviction, either pleading their case, expressing their paranoia or posturing about doing neither, we are treated to a few moments of the big scary gay man getting in Scarlet’s face... "Frankly my dear, I don't give a ... oh wait, maybe I do."

Lisa is basically oozing cum every time we see her as she attends to her abdominal muscle with a hair cut (Eric) "I can't believe how beautiful you are..." to which Eric smirks and looks down at his tummy... pawleeez.

We get to see each of the seven voters blab a bit in the diary room but we don't get to see their votes. They make us endure family/friend interviews and Julie Chen - the hostess with the leastest - finally calls it... After a pathetic attempt by the editing room to lead us towards thinking Marcellas would be nailed, Amy is dismissed with a 7-0 vote. Then it's on to the head-boy games and Gerry (of all people) walks away with the keys.

The Americas Choice thing is a chance for a letter from Home. Danielle will win.

And Julie blows her big line announcing that there will be a big surprise (new twist) at next thursdays live show! :D

Fav Quote
Marcellas; in his "sorry to see ya go" message recorded for Amy says "Your dismissal from here will be avenged" with all the visual trappings of a Ugandan Death Squad.
Gerry, wandering into the laundry zone; "you got something ready to be wrung?"
Josh, sunning his skinny little back; "your neck!" (quietly, mind you)

Most Memorable Moment
The head-boy competition was a series of questions about the now evicted house mats, (with roddy thrown in for good measure) and it ultimately wears down to Eric and Gerry. So they throw a math problem at them. It was fun watching steam shooting out of Erics ears as he madly scribbles down the wrong answer.

Hola... they need a street light and a corner in this house... or at least in the back yard. Lisa and Chiara are, honest to god, looking like 25$ hoes… did they go to UVA? All they lack is the thigh high boots to push 'em both up to a couple 100$ trix turners.

Amy, in one of last gasps as a house-mat, comments "I'm Veruca Salt, I get everything I want!!" (Veruca, not just an all girl band, is the name of the little girl character in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that gets everything she wants.

Danielle is doing fine... looks good and is staying strong in the game.

The bottom line remains that there are only three girls left and six boys... It's a boys game at this stage.

Oh, and there's Marcellas... "my sexuality is such a small part of who I am." yea right... um, yer bath robe is coming undone.

Jason? laying low...
Josh? a lying, sniveling little weasel making deals left right and center. I dislike him with gusto, but he is good TV so what the heck. :D
Eric; yo! buddy, what is with the hair?
Roddy is one smooth operator... I hope. I mean, if after all this, he is turns out dumb as a post... well it's a bad sign for boys everywhere.
Gerry... what do you wipe your butt with if every time you sit down to crap a dozen horse shoes come shooting out yer ass?

Ok... so Gerry is head-boy... now what? I'm praying he advances pink slips to the two skank muffins. He made a deal with Roddy and Josh so they're out... hmmm wouldn't it be precious if he nominates Marcellas for some reason? LOL!

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