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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Plot Finally Thickens.

Well this was the Wednesday show... the Veto Show, but it should be called the "Let's suffer with the Pink Slip Holders" show. We get plenty of plot elements with the schemers!!! and, of course, loads of angsty angry issues-oriented screen time with the nominees. Oh, and Roddy blows Marcell-ass.

In Brief
Poor little Amy gets down and dirty with the cheese... and Marcellas turns on his save-my-sorry-ass routine. Roddy pulls out all the stops to convince Marc that he wont be tossed this week and Amy really lets off with the attitude towards Chiara. We get a wonderful moment of deeeelight when it is revealed that Jason and Danielle have a secret alliance sub-plot and Chiara is head over heals in love with Roddy. Marcellas wins America's Choice ( a sexy dinner with another house-mat, and he picks Amy - d'oh, why not Roddy?) and gets to spend a whole evening listening to Amy blah blah blah blah blah blah (now imagine a whole page of the words "blah blah blah".") Eventually we get a veto competition. The gang plays this Croquet meets MiniPut thing that Eric wins by natural selection amongst the house-mats that DON'T want to win and he opts to...? do nothing. The noms stand and Amy is most definitely going to be tossed in the live show... the only question is whether or not it will be a unanimous vote.

Fav Quote
"Believe it or not, I have given this a lot of thought!" or so says Eric regarding the veto deal... and I'm sorry, but Eric? giving anything a lot of thought is really kinda funny.

"How great does Chiara Mancuso sound?" coooo'ed by Chiara (Roddy's last name is Mancuso) as she reveals to us (and the other girls) that she will be totally used, abused and heart broken by this game!

"I probably trust Jason more than anyone else in my life." ... bwaahahahahaha! Said by Roddy seconds after the clip of Jason explaining to the camera (and Danielle) how he will have to cook, burn, fry and toss Roddy when the time is right. bwaahahaha... oh I love this part of the game.

"This is not the most flattering image of you I have seen." Marcellas commenting on Amy's expression of Cheese Love while crouching over a pile of cheese on the bed... just cramming it in her gaping maw... They even treat us to some slow motion video of her hand-to-mouthing the cheese. :D

Most Memorable Moment
"Chi-Whora!" ... at every possible chance we get treated to little southern butter buns calling Chiara a whore. This from the girl that a) admits she's likely to steal another girls boyfriend, b) tried to hit on Roddy in an in-your-face-Chiara kinda way. Although watching her suck on a cigar like a real pro comes in a close second.
Note: I liked Amy ... I could have continued to like Amy but she really puts herself out there for criticism and she really is a bit daft. :D

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
Ok... Lisa got her ass bit by a Black Widow Spider and it swells up like a balloon and required medical attention. Of course, her constantly wearing a thong-bikini is only making for some lovely internet shots of that very very painful looking ass cheek!!
- or -
How about the idea that almost everybody on the show quite literally ignored Gerry for about 5 days... nothing... no talking, just ignoring. hmmm... good ripening for a mental breakdown if you ask me.

Marcellas is certain... or says that he is... that the "decoy gets burned" hence that Amy will stay and he will go. An absolute Paranoid Android - "I have a pain in all the diodes down my left side". He brings this to Roddy who fills Roddys ass with stuff like "I care deeply about you." and "This breaks my heart." or "If I'm lying [that Roddy is sure Marcellas will stay] everyone will see and I will be ineligible to win." (note that it appears as though the evicted house-mats will all return to vote between the last two for a winner.) Basically, Roddy kneels down in front of Marcellas with his mouth open and doesn't close it until Marcellas feels spent.

We get a wonderful moment of insight with Danielle and Jason admitting that they have had a secret alliance all along, playing at disdain for one another in public but playing secret-conversation-card-games in private and that they are plotting to carefully pit one group of house-mats against the other!! Leave it to the virgin religious boy to be all sneaky and evil... (all good btw - at least in a show like this). I can hear ministers everywhere watching the show cheering him on!

Roddy, Chiara's true love, seems to be playing her... maybe he has genuine feelings but he's playing the game at every moment. He is embracing the notion that Chiara believes he picked Amy for a nomination at her suggestion and as retaliation for Amy hitting on Roddy - hence pissing Chiara off.

Marcellas, Jason, Danielle and Josh seem to have an alliance to break up the couples (Roddy / Chiara and Eric / Lisa) to advance a personal plot to stay in the game.

I think the girls still believe they will play a girls-against-the-boys card - and the boys believe it for sure... and there is no way it's not just one big misdirection.

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