Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

a new day

First day with the sema thing... (lj client).
Someone asked me... "why do you use the client instead of the web update page?" and all I can say is... one you try client... you only rarely go back! It's kinda like anal sex... oh, wait... that's just a joke... relax... well, no, really ... relax! :D

~ still on vacation... whatever jumped off the shelf to my sleepy hands...
~ to write a bb3 update...
~ to pawn the kiddies off at my moms house this afternoon while z and I go rock climbing
~ watch BB3 live show tonight at 8:00PM
~ well the Toronto Lj bash is this weekend... sorta starts tonight with folks arriving in TO. I'm wishing everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip and party!!!

alrighti then... must get busy...! :D see ya later skaters.

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