Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


This picture just cracks me up...

(click it for the full picture)

See, back in '98 I went on this course in silly-con valley at one of the HP offices. I went on an excursion to the Palo Alto HP HQ offices... the "galactic core" as I kept hearing it refered to...

I walked in the front door and started taking pictures... talked to the security guard... he assumed I was an employee visiting from afar... I wasn't. I was a Canadian Fed on a course... but he slid me a pass, asked me to sign in and buzzed open the inner sanctum gate... I considered it briefly, but demured and didn't sign in... but I took another picture and then headed back out front... there was this contingent of Japanese visitors... and an HP liason (guy at far left). They all assumed I was somehow associated with their party... No idea why...

I was game. I was handed 8 really cool little cameras and took a bunch of pictures... they started snapping pictures of me with the hp liason and then I asked one of them to take a pic with me and the group. I was all bowing and smiling and having a freak'en hoot.
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