Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

g'morning ... me, boyz, um... I mean a sleep me... we're up... and now it's pancake time. *(easiest way I know to slip a couple of eggs into them)

~ morning sweats... (no shower yet)
~ to wake up... I swear, my head has not actually turned on yet...
~ there was something I wanted to get done today....
~ BB3 is on tonight...
~ I was sleeping right now... maybe dreaming about something scary...
~ that all my friends going to Toronto have a wonderful time.
~ that notcharming gets the place she wants... not just the place she can afford. :D
~ welcome home Kathleenie... (um... that's daikan)
~ for the powers that be to launch some kind of a break at my buddie nbbmom... I mean sheesh. Kym, I am your good karma bomb baybee...

My thoughts are out with mandelion who is having a wee surgery today... her friend (dina) is posting updates in Mandy's journal and Many is out of touch... but still, it's a good day to send her a good vibe. I so very much hope all goes well for her today.

okies... gotta go.. see ya.

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