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ps. wow... so what's the deal cin?

Ok, its official

I'm loosing it. No, I'm not smoking... that's seems to be under control. I feel a little like chuck (mr. manson - 'member him) but I can deal with that. No, the problem is that I've got so much freaking work to do that I wanna just spit. I mean, what happened to just kicking back and blowing off the whole day reading and commenting on the friend list....

No seriously, I just feel a little out of sorts and out of the loop. I miss my buds in LJ land... I've had so little available time lately. That "ps" up there at the top... Ciinnimon, you posted something about POP and I replied from way down deep inside... but it's gone! I hope I didn't say something that freaked you out... ("corto you big big freak! stop scaring people" ... sage advice, 'cept nobody gives it to me so I just keep running off at the finger tips)

Ok, I gotta get to some client site and watch 'em all waiste time like it's endless...

("love and darkness and my sidearm" - a line from the song I'm listening to... great tune, freak lyric.)

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