Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

no really

I'm awake...

~ um... look, I'm still on vacation...
~ er... brand new sox!! (very comfy actually)
~ to clean all the crud off the deck that the power sprayer kicked up
~ to keep the kids outside as much as possible.
~ hmm... go to winners to return/exchange a sweater I got Z for her birthday.
~ two words: Date Night
~ I get to catch up on lj a bit today...
~ for the light of day to make things a lil'bit easier for some of my buddies that are searching for the exit sign.

My folks will be watching the kids over dinner today and into the evening. Date Night. I'm thinking dinner and a movie... and I really wanna go rock climbing this week... um... maybe Wednesday? We'll see....

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