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Ok... still trying (desperately) to turn the kids around... they're both still awake in their beds and on the verge of driving me bonkers... but only the verge...

As soon as I can hear the soft snores (Ed snores) it'll be time for the Royal Tenenbaums and that will be proceeded by a short walk with my uncle splif.

We're on an amazingly-rare tornado watch in Ottawa... but most of the evil evil evil looking thunder heads have been passing us by... so we'll see.

See ya... and boy oh boy am I ever smiling about a few things going on in the "living novel" (LJ). One happy-schmappy girl in particular... but so many other things too... it's nice when the good-vibes crawl across journal land.

Peace out muchachos et muchachas... it's all about the love you know... there is just never enough and no good reason to hold it back.

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