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Edit: Thanks kim... I, um... posted this in a community instead of my journal. (slaps forehead)

Well that's exactly what I look like when I have no freaking idea what planet I'm on... ye gods I'm tired... and yes, it's my fault for staying up until an ungodly hour... (um, "an ungodly hour" just kinda rolled off my tongue but I have no idea what it means).
~ um... ginch and a t... it's kinda muggy up here... I needs to go check the AC and make sure it didn't die on me (oh man that would suck... )
~ oh, and big comfy slippers... I like slippers...
~ to finish my niagara album before I go to my folks house for dinner tonight... that way I can show them...
~ I'm dying to get at the video we shot on the trip... maybe I'll transfer that to vhs before I screw it up... :D
~ to congratulate myself for finishing the deck... hmmm... must take a picture and send some notes to laciann about how to get her deck to look like a million bucks.
~ to send a big hola! and hello to gigglecam just 'cause. :D

Ok... I gotta gotta gotta go be dad for a while... we all (kiddies and I) just sorta woke up... we're still trying to turn them back around from the "stay up late" zone they got in on the vacation. :D

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