Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

nighti night lj land. I'm a sleepy boi and theres lots to do when I wake up.

My bedtime wishes are as follows:
- that kellie gets a good sleep (shhhhh lexi, it's ok. just rest your little self...)
- that shoo gets snow! (so she can enjoy that suburban)
- and Lesslyn enjoys swimming around in all those memories.
- Lianna learns how to express herself and finds the strength to stop being so conservative and reserved - hahahahaha :) ps. I'm glad schools out... now what will you do?
- as I stumble off to bed, for sure, I'm hoping Lizalicious gets all the reading done she needs... and if you fall asleep, don't dream of dancing till dawn... (wake up!!! you should be reading)
- I hope like crazy that krizsa gets over her cold (only 3 days to go!!!)
- and for sure, when I crawl into bed, I'll be thinking a hopefull thoughts for leah to be safe in the house of lunes,
- and empathy to have nice dreams... no exploding heads, ok!!

Good night lj and sweet dreams ...

ps. Did you know the first home clothes washing machine was introduced in 1953... man,... what the hell did you do if you had kids before that? ahhhh

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